The Company

Quito coffee roasting was born from an idea of ​​ founding members, already specialist Neapolitan roasters, animated by a common passion for the original taste of Neapolitan coffee. The first and most important goal was to create a quality product that was the result of their experience such that it could be appreciated in Italy and abroad while remaining firmly anchored to the tradition of the land of coffee.

Roasted in the Heart of Naples

The Coffee

To obtain a drink with a good body, aroma and taste, we respect the secret of our ancient processing by roasting the beans individually according to their origin, then letting them rest in the silos and finally we compose the final blend. The difference with the industrial approach is therefore clear and clear, which tends to speed up production processes at the expense of quality.

Arabica Gold Coffee

Espresso Coffee Bar

Arabica Coffee

Espresso Coffee

Decaffeinated Coffee